Lunch 20-24.04.2023

von 12:00Uhr bis 14:00

Salad plate with fried mushrooms  

on various fresh salads; plus our 'CHEERS' dressing
10,90 €

Tortellini Tuscany  

served in a tomato sauce with cheese gratin and fresh leaf salad; plus our 'CHEERS' dressing
10,60 €

Roast pork from the neck  

served in a paprika sauce with croquettes and fresh green salad; plus our 'CHEERS' dressing
11,20 €

Sliced ​​Beef Stroganoff  

Sliced ​​beef with pasta and fresh leaf salads; plus our 'CHEERS' dressing
11,40 €
All prices incl. 7% MwSt. Speis. (COVID-19)