Lamb's lettuce menu

Lamb's lettuce CHEERS  

with a sliced ​​chicken breast fillet
16,90 €

Lamb's lettuce GOURMET  

sliced ​​with a medium seared rump steak
27,90 €

Lamb's lettuce NEPTUN  

with a fried salmon fillet
20,90 €

Lamb's lettuce GAMBA  

with fried shrimp
20,90 €

Lamb's lettuce NORWEGIAN  

Topped with smoked salmon and onions, plus horseradish cream
17,40 €

Large lamb's lettuce  

with bacon and crackers
14,50 €

Small lamb's lettuce  

with bacon and crackers
7,50 €

-Lamb's lettuce-  

Various fresh salads with fine Yoghurt dressing
7,50 €
All prices incl. 7% MwSt. Speis. (COVID-19)